Gliffy is software for diagramming via a HTML5 cloud-based app


installing Microsoft Office for OS X from

Double-clicking on the “.pkg” (1.6GB) resulted in a window that popped up saying this:

Verifying “Microsoft_Office_2016_15.35.17061000_Installer.pkg”…

This “never” ended in my case. And I waited for more than 30 minutes. And I tried more than once. Then I turned to “Microsoft Office Online”.

Microsoft Office Online AKA “Office Web Apps”

Microsoft Office in a web browser.

“Apache Nutch” is a highly extensible and scalable open source web crawler software project

Atlassian HipChat for corporate instant messaging

Asaf Avidan’s 2017 “into the labyrinth” tour

He will be in Berlin again. I am looking forward to 2017-12-04.

MediaWiki: how to extract the wiki text (only) from an article?

The above articles (Stack Overflow) do not exactly answer my question, but they are rather close.

The key is using api.php and action=query.

Purpose: I want to compare articles of two rather close wikis, and the articles have a common ancestor.

“Jetpack by” – from 4.9 to 5.0

Upgrading ran into an error:

An error occurred while updating Jetpack by Could not copy file. jetpack/_inc/build/admin.js

I hope, my installation did not become unstable through this problem. I guess, they will prepare and provide a working upgrade rather soonish.

ebooks: bookzz… moved to b-ok…

I hope this note will help me finding them again next time.

Synology’s Virtual Machine Manager

… models with less than 4GB of memory cannot run virtual machines …