disabling password authentication with sshd

Apparently there are numerous attempts to log into my NAS (with invalid passwords) from the WAN side. Synology offers a feature to block IP addresses after a couple of invalid attempts and also log that blocking, and I am making use of that feature. After quite some months I got worried by the overwhelming number of such attempts. Today I disabled password authentication all together. I (and “everybody”) can still log in through the web GUI DSM interface.

Microsoft Windows: Unlock Virtual Desktops on Windows 7 or 8 With This Microsoft Tool

“ssh -Y” fails moaning “X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0” – solved!

$ ssh -v -Y REMOTE_HOST
debug1: Requesting X11 forwarding with authentication spoofing.
debug1: Requesting authentication agent forwarding.
X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0

I looked around and I found this article:

The article advises to edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the remote system:

$ sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

and to add these lines:

X11Forwarding yes
X11UseLocalhost no

The remote sshd needs reloading, and because the remote system uses systemd, this is how:

$ systemctl restart sshd

Now after a new “ssh -Y” I can start xeyes and it gets displayed on my PC’s Cygwin/X server.

the free “Pro Git” book, 2nd ed.

GitLab – the GitHub competitor

As opposed to GitHub (GitHub_Desktop) apparently they do not have a proprietary GUI tool – and propagate it.

cygwin’s cp fails mentioning cygatttr-1.dll

…/opt/cygwin64/bin/cp.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cygattr-1.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I wasn’t able to find a viable fix on the web.

I found a copy of that file in in old installation, and I copied that into the cygwin bin directory – the cygwin64 and the non-64 one – at least for cygwin64 it fails w/o moaning properly, just that it yields exit code 127.

installing Cygwin on Windows without having admin rights

I like the “-B” (“–no-admin”) command line approach best.

DMOZ, dmoztools.net, curlie.org

Oracle SQL Developer – how to run it in English w/o admin rights?

I chose the approach “set language at runtime“:

sqldeveloper.exe –AddVMOption=-Duser.language=en

Works like a charm.

On the Win7 PC at work I have no admin rights, therefore I cannot change the config file mentioned in the thread.

tramp says: “Cannot find local copy program: pscp” – but that does not mean there is something wrong with your emacs/tramp/PuTTY set-up

Every now and then I come across this error message:

Cannot find local copy program: pscp

This only occurs for “bigger” files (e.g. a 40k file), not for small files, because small files are being dealt with by plink.

tramp-do-copy-or-rename-file-out-of-band (in lisp/net/tramp-sh.el) tries to find the copy-program on exec-path instead of PATH, so we have to add putty-directory to exec-path as well. I amended this page to deal with the situation:

Fixed  😆